Jacks Peak

Last Sunday, Jeff and I did a small little hike up to Jacks Peak, which overlooks the Monterey Bay. This park is located off Highway 68, and though we had passed the sign for it many, many times, we had never been there to check it out.

Jacks Peak County ParkThe view of Monterey/Seaside from the top.

Jacks Peak is named after David Jacks, a Scottish immigrant of the 1850’s that went on to create the famous “Monterey Jack” cheese. To get to the peak, you are mostly driving in your car on a paved road. The parking lot itself sits at the top of the peak, and there were picnic tables and restrooms. I was surprised how great the view was despite the slightly foggy weather. Jeff and I said we wanted to come back again on a clearer day.

Big TreeMonterey Pines

This tree on the left was big and branchy. Here on the right are the Monterey Pines, a native pine species located in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo counties.

White Fluffy Flowers12 million years ago...

Some small white fluffly flowers. There is Jeff checking out the scenery.

RocksChalk Rocks!

There was a sign on the side of the trail that said that this area was under the sea until about 12 million years ago. It also said that if you look long and hard, you can see several species of leaves, marine crustaceans, fish and shells that have been fossilized in the rocks. We stood around a while to find something exciting but came up empty handed. But I did note how wonderful the rocks were as chalk rocks. That brings back fond childhood memories. I was always so excited to discover a chalk rock.

PathThe view of Monterey from the top.

This last picture is my favorite. I think Jacks Peak is a great place to take out-of-town people because its an easy hike and has spectacular view.

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