Sofia’s Birthday Luau

On August 25th, Taylor and Nathan’s little baby girl turned 1! She is babbling and walking all over the place now. It’s so amazing how quickly kids grow up. Sofia had a birthday party on Saturday at her house. Since Taylor is from Hawaii and Sofia loves the water, the theme was a luau.

Making SushiMaking Spam Musubis

I got up really early to make some sushi and spam musubis at my house.

The Luau SpreadBirthday Cupcakes

Here is the spread! Kalua pig and rice, salad, lots of fruit, and poi. Look how cute these plumeria cup cakes are! The petals are made out of sliced marshmallows.

Lomi Lomi SalmonSushi + Spam Musubis

Here’s a close up of the lomi lomi salmon. It’s made of raw salmon, tomatoes, onions and green onions. Here is the sushi I made. Everyone told me they liked it.

Haupia Chocolate PiesPoi + Salad

Chocoalte haupia (coconut pudding) pies for dessert! Here is the poi (taro porridge), I don’t think a lot of people ate it, but you gotta serve it if you’re having a luau.

Pineapple Boats

I love pineapple boats!

Pretty GirlKiddie Pool

Sofia was so happy at her party. Here she is in her little water playground. It had numerous water fountains, and even a kiddie slide.

Video iChatting!Fantasy Football Discussions...

The party was joined via Video iChat by Aunty Kendall and Grandma Tengelsen all the way in Hawaii! I love v-chat! Its like they are right there. Here is John and Jeff in an in-depth conversation about fantasy football.

Sleeping SofiaSing Happy Birthday

Taylor made this festive dress for Sofia. The crocheted flowers create a lei. It’s so adorable. Everyone is singing Happy Birthday around the cupcake and lighted candle.

The Birthday HatSofia's Family

Taylor and Aunty Nichelle made a “birthday hat” as a Worthington tradition – a must-wear for every birthday celebration until the child turns 18. Sofia doesn’t seem to like the idea.

Sofia's Snail ToySofia and Diane

Sofia got the neatest toy. This wooden snail is on a string, and when you pull it, it scooches along like a real snail. Sofia didn’t quite get how to play with it yet, so she just lifted it all the way off the floor instead. Everyone laughed. Here is me and Sofia – with her big blue eyes! Remember – she is a 1/4 Chinese. REALLY.

Sofia's First

Sofia also got a cool tricycle (no pedals). She looks so proud of herself. I am so amazed by how much she grows each time I see her. She’s such a happy girl and she seems to love people too. Not shy at all. It was great to be able to attend her party along with all her relatives in the area. Taylor thinks they will be moving by the end of the year to Portland area. I will be really sad to see them go so I am hoping they don’t!

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Taylor’s planning on moving up to Portland?

Raina  |  Sep 02, 2008 at 10:16 am

That is such a cute first birthday. I can’t wait to throw Maddie a first birthday I hope it turns out as cute as this one!

christina  |  Sep 05, 2008 at 10:09 pm

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