Black Squirrel

A few weeks ago at Sofia’s 1st B-day party in San Mateo, I saw a strange looking squirrel run into the bushes. I probably would not have said anything, but I know that Diane thinks squirrels are cute so we went to get a closer look. I guess they do not have squirrels in Hawaii, which I find hard to believe growing up in the northeast where they are everywhere. So, we snuck around the side of the house and find a Black Squirrel!

Black SquirrelBlack Squirrel

Black Squirrel

I guess it is not that uncommon, and it can happen to a bunch of different types of animals.  black cats, sheep and swans come to mind. But this is the first time I have seen one and thought it was pretty cool!


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that is really crazy looking… I have never seen a black squirrel either they can’t be that common. If you think about how many you have seen in your life and this is the first black one then it doesn’t seem common.

I have to say… like the link to Wikipedia! We’ll be seeing you this weekend.

christina stratton  |  Sep 09, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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