Dinner with Peter & Merry

Tapas with Uncle Peter + Aunt Merry

Met up with Jeff’s Uncle Peter and Aunt Merry today in the city. Peter asked us to meet him at the famous clock at 4:30pm. Rush hour! We made it at around 5pm and toured the station a little bit.

NYC Trip 2009NYC Trip 2009

Peter took us to a cool whispering gallery where you can whisper secrets to someone at the other end of the hall. It really worked! Jeff thought it was a trick with microphones, but i think it is the architecture of the building.

NYC Trip 2009NYC Trip 2009

We had dinner together at a Spanish restaurant right next to Grand Central Terminal. Our meal was superb! We shared a wide array of tapas – salads, shrimp, tuna, cured meat, pate, figs, to name a few. Also some very delicious wine and i didn’t get drunk of it so that is good.

NYC Trip 2009NYC Trip 2009

After we parted ways with Peter and Merry, Jeff and i headed to Chelsea/Meat Packing District to go to a hotel bar that was on the rooftop. Cliff let us in on this spot, and i’m glad he did because it was such a nice view. We had a couple drinks, then took the subway back to our hotel in midtown.

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