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NYC Trip 2009

NYC Trip 2009NYC Trip 2009

Started off the morning with $70 tickets to the Empire State Building. We visited the 86th floor which is open, and also decided to pay the extra to go to the “highest public floor” – the 102nd – which used an old school elevator to get to. This floor was closed in with glass, and not much different but MUCH smaller than the other viewing floor.

Washington SquareStatue of Liberty

Statue DamagedBrooklyn Bridge

Afterwards, we walked around randomly, and ended up at Washington Square where people were just hangin out and walking though on their busy work day. It was such hot weather, we wondered why we were wearing long pants! We then walked to Battery Park, checked out the Statue of Liberty and things out there like this damaged art structure that was in the World Trade Center.

Somehow we made it to the Brooklyn bridge, and walked the path alongside the water. We contemplated about taking a sunset cruise on a boat to see the city, but had food on the mind so walked for 30 minutes through China town to Kat’z Deli – Where Harry Met Sally.

Katz DelicatessenKat's Deli Inside

We watched one of those food travel shows on this place and i remember seeing the signs for “Send a salami to your boy in the army” which i thought was clever. This place has been around for over a 100 years! Original spot, too.

Pastami SandwichPickes

Jeff and i split a pastrami sandwich thinking it was going to be huge enough for two since it was $15 for one sandwich, but it was not as big as we hoped. But it sure was damn delicious!! They gave us a big plate of different pickles. After dinner we had just enough time to make the walk back to the harbor for the boat cruise, but just the thought of walking anymore was not to our liking, so we took the subway back to our hotel and crashed out.

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