Red Sox @ Yankees Baseball Game

NYC Trip 2009

I asked Jeff to do this blog, hence the long delay! I finally thought i would “interview” him for the blog instead of telling him to write it from scratch. So without futher ado…

NYC Trip 2009NYC Trip 2009

Diane: What did you think of the new stadium?

Jeff: It was awesome! I really like the way everything was laid out with charms of the old stadium. The big hall in the entrance was cool with all the Yankee legend’s banners, the seats were very nice even had cushioning, and the concession area all had an open view so you don’t miss any of the action.

NYC Trip 2009Yankee Girl

D: Who or what were you most excited to see?

J: I was most looking forward to see the new stadium in a big game heading into the playoffs with the Yankees taking on their division rivals, Boston. I was hoping for a big win and we got it! lots of hits, stolen bases and an A-rod homer.  Great game.

D: Which was the most memorable part of the game?
J: The home run was awesome, but i will probably most remember a drunken New York heckler giving grief to the Red Sox’ third baseman.  it was pretty funny, he didn’t get too offensive 😉

Yankee Blue Cup

D: On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most, how drunk where you at the end of the game?

J: On a scale of 1 to 10, at least a 6.  Good thing for the subway!  It was actually a really fun ride back to midtown, lots of cheering and a few final high fives for the win.

Yankees Win!

D: Did the experience live up to its price tag?

J: Mos def, a priceless experience. Easy to say since i live so far away. Probably wouldn’t be going to see very many ballgames at that price tag if we lived near by.

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