Happy Father’s Day 2014

This is the first year in a long time that Jeff got to spend Fathers Day with is Father in… a decade? Longer? Since my in-laws are now practically our neighbors, we’re looking forward to spending all our holidays with them. In the morning, Jeff and Pop-pop took Vincent to Tatum’s Garden park. I told Jeff to take a picture for my blog, and he “forgot”.

While they were out at the park, i cleaned up the house and hung out with Melanie. Jeff wanted me to bake an apple pie, so i got that started while the kids took a nap. Whew, a bit of work, but it was fun! We invited Jeff’s parents over for dinner. We grilled some steaks, had some green salad, and baked sweet potatoes with garlic bread on the side. Yummy meal!

Here are some pictures of our family! I’m kicking myself because now i “forgot” (LOL) to take a picture of Mike and Lisa and our wonderful dinner! But you can see the pie at the end!

What a great portrait of these two – didn’t think we have a good one yet!

I didn’t send my Dad a card, so we did it digital – same day text style! We had to bribe Vincent to smile, in exchange for a vitamin “gummy” (he sure loves those, i think they taste kind of gross)

Here is my apple pie following America’s Test Kitchen recipe — I haven’t tried to eat it yet, i plan to workout first! But i have my eye on it for post-workout snack!



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