Happy Halloween – Vincent Goes Trick-or-Treating

The holiday are so much more fun now that we have a little one! We hurried home from daycare, ate dinner quickly, then got dressed up for trick-or-treating.

We made a quick call to Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Mike so they could see Vincent in his costume.

Mommy tried hard to get some good photos of Vinny near our jack-o-lantern, but wasn’t too successful!

Dad did a good job on the pumpkin. Here is his cute lantern we got at Disneyland. It projects an image of mickey on the floor.

Vinny did sit down on stoop for a few seconds so i got this cute shot.

This one is too dark! But i wanted to get the lighting of the pumpkin!

We used his wagon in case he would get tired of walking. It was a good idea.

On the way out we saw our neighbor Rick who gave him a bunch of candy and cute plush Lightening McQueen car (which said funny phrases and it kept going off while we were trick or treating!)

The first house we stopped at for trick-or-treating. We practiced earlier, so he kind of knew to ring the doorbell and say trick-or-treat. He kind of says “tri-treee” but only sometimes.

He does say Thank You though!

He loved going to the doorbells – even if he could only reach a few of them.

Some of the houses were dressed up pretty cool!

This house had a choice between a candy or a glow stick, but Vinny picked candy! I think if the glow stick was actually activated, he would have picked that instead.

Here is his final stash! He lasted for about 3 blocks which is pretty good. We could tell he was getting tired though, so we made one last stop at my neighbor friend Sandy’s and then headed home.

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