Vincent is 22 months!

As you can tell, i’ve given up doing monthly blogs on Vinny! I got so behind after February/March – been pretty busy and when i have extra time i just want to rest and sleep early! I spend all my time at the computer for my real job, so.. dont normally have the urge to do that all night too.

Anyway, so im sure a lot has changed since i last updated you (whoever you guys are…My mom, my mom-in-law, and Christina and Patti? HEY! Shoutout! LMAO…) on Vincent. Of course i dont do this for YOU i do it for me, and Vinny. So i know sometimes my posts are incredibly long and boring, and i dont expect you to read any of it really.

Here is the scoop in no reasonable order:

Sunroom Smiles


He has so many teeth now! I dont even keep track really. I think he has 8 on the top (2 of which are molars) and about 8-10 on the bottom (some are molars). We brush he teeth every morning and every night. I noticed his ‘infant/toddler’ toothbrush was getting mashed up so i bought him a new one today at Target that has Jake from the Neverland Pirates on it and it is also electric! He did really well with it and i think he actually had fun with it suprisingly. He went through a phase where he wanted to brush his teeth “himself” but now, he lets us do it mostly (so we can get it good). We’re also working on teaching him to rinse/spit after brushing teeth.

Trying to cut his hair

Morning Routine

So i have finally cut out evening nursing sessions but i still nurse first thing in the morning. I think i could stop if i wanted to (and sometimes i do skip mornings if im busy or he doesnt want to). After i nurse him, he grabs my iPhone (i usually always have it with me to pass the time while nursing), swipes to whatever app he wants (he knows which ones are “his”!) and sits there and watches it the WHOLE time i get ready for work! Its probably not a good habit, but it keeps him entertained and out of trouble? Before this habit developed, he would just play in our room, with the cabinets- or our in the sunroom.

Stacking his mega blocks

Stacking wooden blocks

Stacking and Building with his blocks

He’s gotten really good and stacking now. He has finally learned how to play with is Megabloks he’s had since he was uber little. He cant’ snap them on really good, but good enough that it will form something pretty tall. It is so funny because when he wants to play with his Megabloks, he lifts the whole bag (its almost as big as him!) and comes up to us “uhh uhhh uhh…” wanting us to open it. Then he turns it over and dumps it out all over the floor!

OK ready, change my diaper in the hallway

Changing his diaper

So it’s hard to change his diaper without him getting all rambunctious — turning over, and then playing with his blanket wall hanging. So my new thing now is to just move the changing pad to the floor (its usually higher up on the twin bed) — usually into the hall or in the living room. This way, he just gets right on down, (flops his whole body) and is like “OK ready for my change” — its strange but it works… If i have a clean diaper down ready for him, he will be sure to come over first and fling it out of his way. LOL.

Ringing Doorbell

Ringing the doorbell/Opening the garage door

We taught him to ring the doorbell and open the garage door with the button. I let him open the garage door every time we go somewhere. He loves “pressing the button”.

Saying “Uh Oh” and other words

Not quite sure when this started – but he still says it all the time and at the appropriate time. Like,… *rip* — “uh, oh” (see video at end of post) he just tore the pumpkin from the pop-up halloween book. He’s been wanting to do that since — forever. It is pretty funny — especially since he cannot say any other words, besides “no” and “dada” and gibberish ‘d’ words such as dah, doo, dee.

He has also super recently started saying “mama” OTHER than when he is mad/upset/crying. Yay!

He can say “no” and “yes” though mostly no, probably because we say no all the time to him. I am not sure if he knows the difference between yes or no, because when you ask him if he Cheerios and you know he really wants it, he will say “no” and shake his head…? But get mad when you dont give it to him. Confused child.

Playing with new snoopy train set

Loves his Train set

He can say ‘Choo Choo” now to refer to a train! My friend Patti got him a Snoopy train set that we keep in the “office” along with other cast-off toys (toys we keep out of rotation so he doesnt get bored). He loves to go in there and pull out the box so we can open it up and set it up!

Climbing chairs

Got the remote ma

Climbing on the chairs and couch / Becoming a TV addict

He can climb up on the couch and the dining chair by himself now. He will even grab the remote, or bring it to us so we can switch it on to youtube and watch his favorite videos which are currently Gangnam Style and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Getting Water from the Cooler

Getting Water from the Cooler

He likes to grab his own cup and run to the cooler so we can help him fill it up with water. Usually does this right after we get home from daycare. Guess he is thirsty! He also gets a morning snack the drive to daycare in the morning now — usually just some dry cereal.


Monkey stickers


We like to color and put stickers on pieces of paper as a fun ‘activity’.


We read him Hop on Pop the other day at bedtime and he laughed and laughed at the one page that says “No Pat, No, don’t sit on THAT!” — not sure why, but its the first time he ever laughed at a book! He keeps going to that one page so he can laugh!

Singing to his Dog Guitar

Singing / Playing Harmonica

He can motion along with Happy and You know it — not very good but he does initiate the clap and the hooray parts. He can also play his little harmonica from the drumset/musical set from my childhood.

Fussy Eating

Still loves fruit… kind a picky on other things. Doesnt seem to like vegetables though when we went to Sapporos he loved brocolli but i cant get him to eat it at home — need to stir fry it with shoyu i guess! We pretty much have to distract/bribe him to eat food by giving him apple sauce and sticking food in his mouth inbetween bites 🙁 Of course at daycare, he eats like a champ. Still drinking Lactaid, at morning and snack.


Here is a quick video of Dad and Vinny playing with the iPad app Seek and Find — its a Zoo setting where you touch a character and it will start to move. His favorite is the camel spitting on the zoo visitor! He laughs and throws his hands up in the air. He also says ‘uh oh’ towards the end….

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