Playdate with Charlotte

Seesaw Charlotte Vincent Dogs

Today we had a playdate with our friend Bonnie and Kyle and their daughter Charlotte. We met at their house and made some sandwiches to eat down by the park on their housing development.

Vinny was excited to play with all her toys – she had  cool bus that had lots of different activities, and a little zebra you could ride.

She also had a tricycle outside. I had to push him around, and he didnt seem to particularly like it, but when i would stop he would cry. And he put up a big fit when i had him go back inside the house.

Vincent on See Saw

The playground was lots of fun! A little bit under-used (cobwebs here and here!) but it had a good play structure meant for littler kids, a bigger kid one, and a wooden only structure that was there since the 70s Kyle said.

Vinny could go down the slide all by himself! Usually we try to ‘catch’ him at the bottom but he’s getting better and doing it solo. Though he is pretty over-confident and dare-devil-ish so we do have to watch him closely. I am sure he would do something totally dangerous and hurt himself.. .eventually. For now he’s only had one set of stitches and im ok with that.

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