Pool Fun – then dinner with the Stratton’s

how will i reach all those toys

It was a pretty nice day today so we broke out the kiddie pool! Here are some fun pics!

playing with watering can

Pouring water on himself.

Oh you can go in it?

He didnt know he could go in at first so he was just playing around on the outside. Then Dad hopped in and he got in right away!

Wheee splish splash



Didnt wear the hat for long….

wading around

He liked to get down on his belly and swim around.

So excited to see flying balls

Dad was throwing the ball in so he wanted to try too!


Eating out w/Strattons @ Sapporo

The Stratton’s drove up to visit the Monterey area so we had dinner with them at Sapporo’s.(Ok didnt even get a picture of Jim or Christina or Maddie! LOL)

Patti, Torie at Sapporo

Patti was also visiting and we got to meet up with Torie and Orlando who are expecting their little one in a month or so!

The boys are all about the same age. It was a cute little photoshoot!

Patti got a nice one of my boys, though Vinny looks a little funny!

Hehee, Torie’s baby bump next to Vinny!



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