Valentine’s Day 2013

Spider man cards!

Jeff and Vinny surprised me with Spider Man valentine’s cards with heart stickers! I got one on my glider, a bunch in my purse, and in my car.

Chocolate covered pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels

I made chocolate covered pretzels using white and red chocolate (vanilla flavored).

Drawing with markers

Vinny tried to make daddy a card with markers.

Lumpia for dinner and stuffing

We picked up Gino’s for dinner – fatty but yummy blackened chicken fettuccine. Vinny had leftover lumpia from our work potluck. He ate a piece of garlic bread … kind of.

Eating a pear

He really just wanted to eat his pear that he picked out of the produce drawer all by himself before dinner. Dad was gonna make heart shaped cakes but he forgot to buy new eggs! (We debated using eggs from January 10th but decided againist it)″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”true” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”]

At work, today was Rita’s last day (well second the last day since i have a vacation day tomorrow!) Robby (Cheryl’s hubby) gave all us girls flowers at work! That was so sweet!

Rita's Cut out Card

I made Rita this cut out card thing that says “Rita, you are sweeter than sunshine and lollipops”. I stole the idea online, but it took forever to re-create! I am glad Rita liked it! (I forgot to take a photo so i stole her’s from her Facebook!)

Vinny had his daycare party a couple of days ago. Here are some pics from the party:

Valentine Partty

Valentine Cookie

Valentine Goodie Bags

He got all kinds of stuff in his goodie bag — a card from each of the girls, chocolates, candy, a card from his daycare provider, stickers, and more!

U R Sweet Valentine's Day Card

Here is the envelope/card i designed for him to give to the girls.

U R Sweet Valentine's Day Card

The outside — U R SWEET

U R Sweet Valentine's Day Card

Inside – a pop up pixel heart!

Cuddles from the kitty

Butters is one of my valentine’s too!

Group photo fail

Family photo — a bit blurry!

Happy love day all!

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