Vincent Sick with a “narly virus”


Vincent got some weird virus that kept him home from daycare the past couple of days. It seemed to start off at the beginning of the year, where he had a really bad cough and sniffles that wouldn’t go away. We finally went to the Dr. for and got antibiotics. He had just finished the antibiotics (10 days) and his cough did not ever get better. My sitter called me at work on afternoon and said Vincent had a 102 fever. So i left work and took him home, and we were just a few yards from my house he threw up all over himself in the car seat! That was NOT FUN to clean! Omg. Poor guy. Took him to the doctor again and they said it was just a virus, so to just keep him comfortable with Tylenol and he should get over it in a few days, which he did. He didn’t throw up again luckily. His cough and runny nose stuck around for a while and now i think it is finally gone, though i think he might have allergies.

Playing at park with bucket

Smiling at other kids next to slide

At the local park the night before he ended up getting sick.

Playing in Yard

Playing in Yard

Playing in Yard

Playing in Yard

Hanging out in the yard while staying home sick from daycare. He sure loved that hose.

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aww poor guy. Daniel, Maddie, and Jim just had rotavirus 2-3 weeks ago no fun…lots of poop and 1 throw up. the kids had been vaccinated for it too (one of the reasons i’m not a huge fan of the vaccines half of them don’t really do anything)

christina  |  Apr 14, 2013 at 8:53 am

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