Holiday Parade of Lights

Parade of Lights Salinas

The Lara family came over this afternoon for some dinner, playtime and to start work on Lilia”s 2nd birthday party invitations.

Carrie made traditional green beans, yams with marshmallows and some butterscotch cookies. Jeff grilled a Tri tip and I made mashed potatoes and chocolate chip cookies. It was nice to enjoy a family meal at our dinner table. We don’t do that quite often enough.

Vincent and Lilia played nicely.. Though at one point she got mad because she wanted some balls that vinny had on his hand. Vinny got scared and started crying but only for a little bit. Other than that they pretty much entertained themselves with vinny’s toys and the iPad.

When it got dark we drove to Main Street and lined up to watch the Christmas parade. There were lots of people there but we got a good spot. I was surprised at how many floats and people there were in the parade.

Vinny hung out in the back pack for half of it and then we carried him. He was waving a little at the people in the parade and Jeff said he squawked when snoopy arrived! We left before we could see Santa. It will be fun next year when Vincent knows more of what is going on. For example, Lilia was pointing out the monkey, banana, bubbles, etc.

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