Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent our Thanksgiving this year with my good friend Angie, hey boyfriend Steve, and her two kids. Angie used to work with me but she is on diability because she is having issues with her arm. We had a great time hanging out and cooking a relaxing dinner. Angie did a great job with the Martha Stewart brine-then-bake recipe. Mmm mmm. I am glad she asked us to come over since we were just going to be lazy and do a ham for the three of us.

Thanksgiving 2012

We forgot Vinny’s high chair so we did a makeshift carseat plus exercise band and back brace straps! LOL it actually worked though.

Emma pulling vinny

Emma (4) was pulling Vincent in the wagon. She was having fun with Vinny and was being very nice to him.

Thanksgiving 2012

Ellie had a new pet mouse she just got yesterday. Every time we see her it seems she has a new pet!

Vinny fell and cracked his head a few time on the ceramic tiled floor. 🙁 The house was huge and very nice — i loved the doors and high ceilings.

2012 Family Portraits

5 acres of land! Holy cow! I had already planned to ask Angie to take our Christmas photos here… so that worked out perfect with all the nice trees and light outside.

Vinny was playing with Tinker toys which had these tiny wood pieces that he kept popping in his mouth and we wouldn’t discover them till way later.

Thanksgiving 2012

We all had a great time and it is wonderful to always have somewhere to go or people to share our thanksgiving with even though it’s normally not any of our blood relatives. We are thankful for our friends here in California, our families in other states (Hawaii, FL, East Coast) and of course the bestest kitty in the whole world – Butters! Jeff and I couldn’t be luckier to have such a happy, healthy, and rambunctious little boy who lifts our spirits up every single day. We cherish everyday we get to spend with him and look forward to the christmas holiday, and the next year and all the learning he will continue to do.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and comment (and no thanks to all of you who read and do not comment… LOL, kidding…sorta).

Chocolate Haupia Pie

Thanksgiving 2012

Oh and i made a chocolate haupia pie but we didnt get to eat it there because Vinny was melting down. But luckily i made two pies!! The one we had at home was the “disaster” pie that had cracks in the piecrust, and not enough filling (bc i just used the leftovers from the “good” pie) but it was still delicious!

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I like the car seat has a high chair idea!

Shelby  |  Nov 23, 2012 at 10:08 pm

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