Vincent is 14 months!

This month i’m trying a new approach to the “monthly update”. By category i’ll list some new things Vincent is doing.

Reading a book

New Routines

– Is nursing for shorter periods of time, in both morning and night feedings. doesn’t fall asleep nursing at bedtime anymore. I might wean soon, or just let him wean naturally.

– I’ll read him a story book after i nurse him at bedtime. Favorite now is the The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

– I’ll sing Twinkle Twinkle, kiss him, then put him in his crib for bed. He doesn’t cry or say anything. After i leave he plays with his stuffed animals and talks until he falls asleep

– Stopped waking up at 5am to nurse (usually went back to sleep after) – is now sleeping from 730p to 6:45a

– Taking two naps a day while at daycare (9:30-11, 2-4p), one afternoon nap on weekends. Was previously only taking 1 long afternoon nap


Vincent Grocery Store Items

New Skills

– Loves to grab things out of the cart behind him when we go grocery shopping, or grab at things directly off the shelf, then eventually throw things on the ground.

BJs Brewhouse

– Can drink from a straw, and drink from a real cup with mommy’s help (and lots of spilling)

– See VIDEO above: Making a funny lip noise “lalalalla” by moving his tongue left to right between his lips

– See VIDEO above: Opening and closing sliding glass doors, and also dropping toys into the crack.

Vincent 13months

– “Dancing” to music but only certain songs. Mostly theme songs on Sprout TV

Vincent hiding his cheese

–  Stashing food in his bib for fun, but mostly  throwing it over his head, by his side, or over the highchair if he is not interested in feeding himself


– Crying and getting his feeling hurt when we tell him “no”

– Playing with curtains – this time in the bedroom


Water Table


– laughing hysterically at the little toy people that fly off the diving board on his water toy

– Likes to watch the dump truck/ firetrucks go by

– Loves to be “scared” by sneaking up behind him and saying “BOO!”



Physical Changes

– His head is still flat!!  But probably way too late now to do anything about it. Our bad for letting him lie on his back all day. Oh well, hopefully we won’t screw up the next kid as bad… right?

– Is growing out of his 12 month clothes. Still fits 9mo pants, though getting a little high-waters.

– Bought him new socks that fit 12-24 months.

– Hair is growing slowly.  On his left side, the hair above his ear is super long, but not on the right side! Sometimes his little cowlick area will stick up in the morning.

– Starting at 12 months, “onesies” are getting harder to find, but for good reason. He’s too antsy to sit still for clipping buttons of the onesie. Shirt and shorts/pants much easier to put on a toddler! The onesie was also good when he was crawling because his clothes would stay in place, now thats not really an issue when he can walk


Vincent and Butters in Stroller

Still loves…

– Harassing  Butters – pulling on his fur, and ears, and stepping on his tail (though that last one not on purpose)

– regular ol’ peek a boo, singing “wheels in the bus” and “happy and you know it” songs

– watching ceiling fans, feeling the air from a fan, and rolling down the windows and feeling the breeze

– Pressing on all the keys on moms laptop when we video chat with grandma. Or closing the laptop shut! (mom has Macifer to disable keystrokes and clicks!)

– Talking a whole bunch of jibber jabber but no real words


Caught ya on camera!

 Evening Playtime, Dinner Time, Bathtime

Jeff and i both have fun watching/playing with him when we come home from work. It is sad that by the time i get home it is almost 6pm, so we only get to play for about a half hour, then its time for his dinner. Sometimes we have dinner ready for the adults too if I did something in the slow cooker, if its leftovers, or if Jeff picks something up after work. As Vinny gets older we are going to have to try to keep a normal family dinner time with him so he can learn how to eat properly. As it is it seems like we should be doing this more. I’m ready for him to start using utensils and feeding himself already! He can pick up his food with his fingers and drink from his sippy but he only behaves well for the first few bites, then he just starts playing with the food (swiping it off the table) or smashing it in his face or bib or legs. Then he starts wailing and getting red if he is full or tired of sitting in his chair. Its quite the amount of work to feed this lil guy!




And that brings me to my next subject, — talking ! He can’t say really any words yet. Dadadada he says like 24/7 but i dont think he fully comprehends just who Dada is? Or maybe he does, but he doesnt “say” it towards the actual person on cue. He says “mamama” only when he is upset (usually in the morning when i go get him). Sometimes i swear he is speaking Korean!

I bought a baby sign language book a few months ago and was really ready to try it out with him to start communicating more, but my then (now previous) sitter said she was not willing to do it with me, so that kinda shot me down a lot since if i dont have her support, then its pointless!

I haven’t asked my new sitter about it, but maybe i will if it seems like he can’t communicate with us (getting mad/frustrated) and i think it will help him.


halloween costumes

Coming This Month

For October we already bought his Halloween costume and tried it on! We picked the Dragon outfit from Costco! I think we might go with our friend to her Church’s “Trunk & Treat” the weekend before Halloween. So we are looking forward to that, and we’ll go to the pumpkin patch this year with Vinny and get a pumpkin.

Our sitter is out next Monday for Columbus Day  — Jeff is off so he will watch Vinny. Next Friday she is also out, so Jeff is taking a day off to watch him. And Mommy works! Mommy works everyday… LOL. In more ways than one! Full time job, side job, mommy job.. and this blog is also a job. LOL.


Chasing Him Around

Growing Up…

Recently i’ve been reminiscing on how last year this time Vinny was celebrating “his first Halloween” and his “first Thanksgiving” etc… Now that he is a year old we’re past all his “firsts!” Though i know this is still MANY of more of those to come! (Like he tried his first pretzel the other day, oooh exciting! LOL) But still — he’s just growing up so fast….as they say!. I am enjoying every millisecond of it.

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