Vincent’s Finally Over His Month-long Cold! 

Vincent’s been fighting a cold for over a month and a half now (he got it from one of the other daycare kids at the old sitter). His cough wass really bad and last Monday, and he also got a fever in the afternoon when he woke up from his nap. So we decided to take him in on Tuesday to see why he hasnt recovered. The doctor said its probably an infection and gave him antibiotics (Amoxicillin). He is almost done with his meds and his cough is almost gone completely, and his nose doesnt run nearly as much anymore. Yay! I think he is better now.

When I took him to the dr’s office and we were waiting to be seen, he had fun playing with the toys they stash under the cabinet. He also got a cup from the nurse to play with while they took his temperature and I gave him a mum cracker. He discovered the chair could go in circles and was quite entertained.

Dr Office Fun

Later he found some blocks and spun those around!

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