Vincent Starts Another Daycare (#3!)

at Cori's eating a cookie

Vincent started a new daycare yesterday. After a little bit of drama, Jeff and I had decided his current sitter just wasn’t working out (for reason’s i won’t get into here!) We were fortunate enough though, that one of my friend’s mom who runs a daycare in Prunedale had an open spot starting in September!

(the above photo actually from one of his last days at the other place, eating a cookie)

I took  Monday off of work to watch Vinny and go meet with Charlyne (new daycare provider) before we started Vincent with her. The interview went well (Jeff and I both went). We met some of the other kids going to the daycare, which is currently all girls! There was one other girl who was 1 year old as well, and she was super friendly and smiley, just like Vinny! I very excited for that… to say the least.

A Day to Work from Home!

Vincent 13months at Schipper Design

After the interview i stopped by the Schipper office to grab my laptop say hi to the girls. He love running around and playing with the curtains and banging on the windows.

I was interested to see how working from home would go with Vincent and it actually was not that bad. He plays by himself pretty well, but can get into some trouble if i don’t watch him good enough. Like he came back with my cup of water that i normally keep in the nursery… like “hey where did you get that!” sort of thing, kinda just happened constantly throughout the day.

Vincent 13months spewing water

He also took his sippy cup and started sucking the water out then spewing it all over the place! Which was the second time he did that in one day. First was in the car ride to the office! I had to change his clothes both times.

Vincent 13months spewing water

Vincent 13months spewing water

He is pretty rascal! The thing about the new sitter is that she operates a much “tighter” ship with more structure and discipline, which i think Vincent really needs right now, and as he gets older.

We’re happy with our decision! And I think Vinny will be happy too.

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