Jeff is 396 months!

Opening Dads Birthday Presents

If you don’t want to do the math that means he is 33 years old! We had a low key birthday. Since I always teach on the weekends we didn’t make any elaborate plans and just played everything by ear. It ended up being a fabulous day.

Opening Dads Birthday Presents

Vinny helped me draw a card for his daddy. I got the markers/crayons out and told him to pick a color and ill use it to write the card. He was a good helper, though he of course wanted to eat the markers and the pen caps! At the end, i even let him draw a little. All he could do was big line/dots since he just slammed the pen up and down on the table (see pink below). *note: card design not my best work*

Birthday Card to Jeff

When Jeff woke up right before I went to teach, vinny and I hoped into bed and sang him happy birthday with the help of mr birthday bear, and gave him our card.

After the gym I stopped by La Plaza Bakery (which is right next door! Evil.) to get some birthday treats. This is a Mexican bakery so they have mucho delicioso desserts which 90% of them I’ve never seen before or tasted. Of course I forgot to take a picture!!!!! But I bought a big pinwheel looking dessert like those baked pastries that are thin and crispy with sugar and cinnamon. Got a scone-like dessert with butter/sugar filling, and a chocolate croissant and chocolate donut.

Once I arrived home from the gym/bakery, it was lunchtime so I asked Jeff what he wanted to eat. We decided to pick op some gyros from Reds Burger Joint down the street since Vince had fallen asleep for his nap. Honestly the gyros were not very good but it’s the best (read: only) gyros that can be found in Salinas.

Opening Dads Birthday Presents

Once vinny woke up from his nap we opened presents. I got Jeff some styluses for the iPhone/iPad, a book Phillycheesesteaks, and a sunglasses holder for his car. I also blew up a red balloon because i know Vinny would love to play with it.

Pretzels in the mail

I also bought Jeff some Uncle Henry Pretzels straight from PA. These came a few days later in the mail — When we opened the box Vinny tried to eat the packing peanuts!

At the park - 13months

At the park - 13months

After presents, we took a walk to the neighborhood park for some swing and sand time. We ran into the same boy and mom we saw another time at the park but this time his dad, grandpa and other family member was there. They were smiling at each other the whole time.

Vincent at Jeffs Bday dinner

Weekends are our chance to eat out since we can do an earlier dinner before Vincent’s 7pm bedtime. We always seem to go to Sapporo (teppanyaki) for those special occasions.

Vincent at Jeffs Bday dinner

Food is always great and you can’t beat the show!

Sapporo Cooking table

Vinny likes the action, including the banging drum for the birthday songs and the flying food. He ate steak, chicken, veggies and fries rice. Yummy!

We were way too full for dessert!

Hope you had a happy birthday Jeff!

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