It’s my (29th) birthday!

Mommy's Birthday

I’m turning 29! Oh no! So old! I didn’t even realize this until a coworker asked how old I was turning. Oh well least I still look 15. Jeff got up out of bed early to give me my birthday present in the morning.

Mommy's Birthday

Mommy's Birthday

Some stationary, rubber stamps and pens from morning glory and best of all a cute card that was colored and stickered by Vinny and Dad.

At work, we went out to a Thai restaurant in Moss Landing. Meesha was telling us all of her ghost stories, including a crazy one about a Ouija board and saving someone’s life. LOL, it was entertaining.

Mommy's Birthday Presents

I got lots a great gifts! Popsicle molds and a recipe book, a neat family tree photo frame, workout clothes, kitty kat plate, kangaroo towel, a necklace, a password book,  a flight to hawaii, tupperwares, and lots of cute cards/cash.

Mommy's Bday Card from Becky

Miss Becky made me a card from Vincent. It’s Star from the Goodnight show!

For dinner, we went out to eat sushi at KoKoRos. Vinny was acting kinda crazy cuz it was past his bedtime. But we had a nice time getting out of the house. We swung by Winchell’s for some birthday donuts afterwards.


Yum! My favorite is the apple one! Super sweet and bad for you!

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