Happy Father’s Day

Fathers Day Portraits

Happy Fathers Day to my loving husband Jeff! I bought him a Darth Vadar shirt that said “COOLEST DAD EVER” and in the next line it said “next to Darth Vadar or course”. Vinny got a matching onesie that read “WHO’S YOUR DADDY” Jeff loves Star Wars so I thought it was a great gift. Jeff is always telling me he is worried That when he shows Vinny the Star Wars movies that he will think they are old school and stupid, lol. But I don’t think that will happen – Star Wars is pretty classic right?! We will see I guess.

Hugs for Daddy

Early morning cuddles! Vincent loves his Daddy sooo much! Anytime Dad is carrying him, Vincent takes his arms and flattens them so that he is snuggling up really close to Jeff’s chest. Its funny to watch and when I first noticed him doing this, i thought he was trying to “scratch” his elbows, but now i think he just likes to be close to Dad. He hardly does this with me, but i have seen him do it to our sitter Becky, so that’s interesting!


Mom (me) and Vinny made Daddy a card for Father’s Day and some Father’s Day Caramel Chocolate! The other card there is from Becky. Earlier i had made plans to make Dad a “candy bar” bouquet that i saw on Pinterest… so i bought the candies at Costco. But Jeff mistakenly saw the candies and wanted to eat them (told him it was for a present) – so i said – if you eat the candies now then i won’t have to make the candy bouquet, ill just show you a picture. LOL. And so Jeff ate the candy bars.

Making Pizza

We planned to do a pizza party for dinner. We made pizza dough early in the afternoon and let it rise on the counter.

Pizza for Papa

Jeff’s favorite toppings are pineapple and pepperroni. I added olives and green onions. Yum! Delish. For dessert we baked some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies courtesy of Tollhouse.


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