My First Mother’s Day

First Mother's Day

My first Mother’s day started out with a nice present next to the crib in the morning. I didnt open it right away because I thought I’d wait till Jeff got up.

Mother's Day Flowers

I went to teach RIPPED in the morning and after class i got a nice text message from Vinny and Jeff that said Happy Mother’s Day and had a photo of a vase full of flowers freshly picked from our backyard.

First Mother's Day

When i got home, I was asked to open my present! I opened the card first and it was homemade. My favorite! Vinny’s handprints using special magic marker and magic paper. I love the cover of the card (seen in pic below) “For my mommy” — complete with backwards “R”.

First Mother's Day

Next was my gift. A dozen MOM cookies from a baker on Etsy! It was quite beautiful. I wonder how she decorates them so precisely. They were chocolate flavored, and the frosting was a bit hard to chew when it came to the “double layer” but it was still yummy. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with 12 cookies, (certainly wasn’t going to consume all of them myself!), so i gave one to Becky and then one to each of the Momma’s in my office (Kathy, Michelle M. and Rhonda).

Vincent Newborn Portraits

Being a Mom is such a fulfilling job. I am thankful each and everyday to have such a wonderful, happy, smiling, spirited baby. He makes life so much more fun and adventurous.

I love daydreaming about what he will be like when he is a little bit older — walking and talking, asking questions, going off to school, his first little league game… what kind of girl (or boy? LOL JK, you never know…) he will marry… just everything! So many great moments to look forward to in his life.

Momma loves you Vinny!


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