Great Strides for Vincent, 9 months

Two bottom teeth

Vincent has learned so much in the last month! It is crazy ridiculous how much has changed. Jeff got a great shot of his two bottom teeth (which he’s had for a couple months now, but we never got a photo).

Crib Sitting

Just as an example of how much is changing, day to day, i took this above photo one morning. He was pulling his hands up to the edge of the crib. First time he had done that!

Standing up in the crib

Then the very next morning, he pulled himself to standing! Geez, guess it’s not a steep learning curve on that one?!? Impressive young Vincent!

9 month portraits

LOL, this photo cracks me up!! He was exicted i was taking photos i guess! Now he is really good at sitting up and playing. Just last month, he preferred just hanging out on his belly, and would flop over easily if we tried to sit him up on his own.

Vinny on the Ball at daycare

At daycare, Miss Becky got the boys a blue bouncy ball to play with. She said that Vinny especially loves that ball. So Daddy bought him a ball for us to have at home, and he LOVES it when we bounce it over him, or play with it by throwing it around in the air.

9 month portraits

I attempted taking a shave ice photo, but he just proceeded to rollover and bite the straw!

9 month growth pic

But then i out smarted him. I knew he loved “flying things” in the air, so i grabbed another stuffed animal and whirled it in the air so he would laugh at that one, instead of the shave ice next to him. It worked! Except my camera strap got in the way! Hey, i only have two hands!

I took this video of him laughing up a storm with the shave ice pillow. I did the same thing i normally do with the ball which is bounce it off him when he is lying down. Turns out this is absolutely hilarious to him.

9 month portraits

Who knows what he is laughing at here!

9 month portraits

So hard to take a photo of him now, because he will just crawl away from me! Here is a video (taken a few weeks ago) that shows him doin’ his army crawl.

9 month portraits


9 month portraits

He loves to scratch things with his index finger and also with his whole hand. He will scratch everything you give him. Also he is into grabbing my lip and chin when i nurse him. Sometimes he hits me repeatedly! He’s already grabbed my glasses off my face.

9 month portraits

Patti gave us a tunnel plaything and a exersaucer (which is similar to his jumperoo but has lots more toys on it). Lucky Vinny has more toys… and also more clothes from Evan.

9 month portraits

Other things that have happened this month:

– He loves to say “babababa. He can say “mama” but only does it when he’s getting upset or cranky. Hasn’t really said “dada” convincingly yet.

– He’s a meat eater! So far he’s tried turkey, chicken, and pork! Other new foods: green beans (yuck), acorn squash, cauliflower, prunes, broccoli, tomatoes, barley, green peppers, puffs (feeding himself!)

–  He’s a pro at escaping diaper changes! He just can’t sit still. Jeff and i both need to be there when we get ready for bedtime – one person to distract/entertain, the other gets down to business. Even then it’s chaos. We’ve changed the setup of our diaper changing station so that if he rolls over, he will still be on the bed (and not the floor! whoopsie…)

– He only wakes up once to nurse at night now, but typically this is before i go to bed, so he is pretty much sleeping though the night. The past few nights though, he has been taking up to 2 hours to go to bed. We try at his “normal” bedtime at around 7pm, but he doesn’t actually go to bed until 9pm. Isn’t that way too late for a baby?!?

Vincent is so funny, we just love sharing his photos and happenings with all of you. Please comment if you like reading our posts! Until next month….


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I love reading about Vincent, it totally reminds me of what Hayleigh was doing at that age! 🙂

Shelby  |  May 10, 2012 at 7:23 pm

I just love getting Vinny updates. It brings so much joy & laughter to our lives!

Lisa  |  May 16, 2012 at 7:39 am

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