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Shopping at Target

Normally on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), i have to teach class at 10:45a. Before the new InShape opened in Salinas, i would typically have to teach a 9:30a class in Monterey, so i had to leave the house at 9am. That didn’t leave me much time to do anything in the morning. But now that i dont need to leave the house until almost 10:30a, i do have time to get errands done. So i decided to take Vinny with me to Target! He had a lot of fun. This was his second time riding in the shopping cart. First time, was at Babies R Us when Jeff and I were shopping for a stroller and carseat, and he was pretty indifferent.

This time he was looking all around at the products in the aisles, and staring at the other shoppers. Every now and then i’d give him something i was buying to hold and scratch at.

On Sunday, i thought, why not take him grocery shopping. So we went to Safeway. But since he had gotten up early that morning, by the time i got to the store (15 min drive) he was fast asleep. So instead of getting him up (he needs his naps!) i just sat in the car and waiting till he got up, which i knew would never be more than 30 minutes.

Here he is, snoring away!

After i taught my Turbo Kick class, we went out the Monterey/Pacific Grove and took a walk along the coast using our new stroller.

Mom and Vinny Walk PG

It was a beautiful day, and lots of other people using the bike path.

Pacific Grove Walk

There were lots of seals and baby seals on the beach sleeping. It’s “pupping” season, i guess.

Bubba Gumps

Afterwards we decided to go to Bubba Gumps to have an early dinner. We thought it was funny that Vincent said “Bubba” as soon as we sat down to eat. We tried to look for a shirt for him but there weren’t any really cute ones. I’m glad we got out of the house today, because we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Sometimes i think i go really long without seeing the ocean and it’s pity because it’s wonderful to see and its so close!


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