First Try on the Swings

It was a gorgeous weekend, so Jeff and I decided it would be fun to take Vincent to the park. There is one a couple blocks away from our house.

Green Dino Playsuit

We put Vincent’s Adidas cap on, strapped Vinny in his stroller and walked over there.

Swings - First try

When we got there, we placed him delicately in the swing, and he just sat there every so still. I looked at his face and it looked like he was falling asleep! I guess that makes sense, his little swing at home we put him in and he sometimes falls asleep in it. So we just took him out and went on a walk instead. No fun! The walk was nice, and Vincent didn’t even end up falling asleep. Go figure.

We decided to try the next day. We really wanted to get him to enjoy that swing!


This time we were more successful! He was awake! And he met a friend…


A girl of course. She was 10 months old and Vincent couldn’t stop staring at her. What a little playa.


Pretty soon though, he forgot about her and started getting into the swinging motion, He was laughing and having fun!


We figured out that it was easier to put him in “backwards” with the higher part of the seat facing his front. This way, he could lean forward and swing and not flop around in the seat that was too big for him.


He would kick and laugh, and drool all over the swing.


What a great day! We are planning on going to the park to ride the swing on a regular basis now!


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