Vincent is 7 months old

Vincent 7 month Portraits

Wowwie! This month has flown by. Vincent is getting more active and more fun each and every day. It was a nice morning today so I decided to go outside for this months portraits. Daddy was gone taking grandma back to the airport. Vinny loved looking at the trees and the blue sky.

Vincent 7 month Portraits

He still can’t quite sit up on his own yet. Proof above — i tried sitting him up and then taking a quick photo, but by the time i got my hands on the shutter button, he began to fall over!

Vincent 7 month Portraits

His hair is finally starting to grow! Just a tiny bit, but we can tell the difference. His head is also getting a little bit less flat — or maybe we are just getting used to it? Grandma still thinks he has an enormous head, but i told her all babies have big heads! (For the record, he is always in the 50th percentile for head circumference)

Vincent 7 month Portraits

Vincent’s toy stash has seriously gotten out of hand. Grandma keeps buying him toys everywhere she goes!

Vincent 7 month Portraits

Vincent’s has now mastered the rollover! He has been rolling over since last month but only recently he has really started doing it a lot… as in always! He can steam roll his way around the room if he wants to. But only in one direction. He can roll the other way too I think but he doesn’t do it very often. He has also started preferring to sleep on his belly!

Vincent 7 month Portraits

He loves reaching for EVERYTHING. He has to keep his hands busy. See, even when i am taking his picture he wants to grab the camera! Another adorable thing he does lately is to make a puttering sound with his mouth that sounds like a motor or farts. He also says “Ahhh-boo” a lot. It’s funny to hear.

Grandma and Vinny on the Couch

My mom came up 2 weeks ago to watch Vincent while my sitter took a week vacation. Vincent did pretty good the first few days, drinking and sleeping longer than his usual (at home) 30 min naps. Then towards the end if the week he ate less and less and slept less too! He ended up catching a cold– we think from Sofia, even though I was just sick last week too. We had to buy a humidifier to help ease his congestion. He was coughing a lot. But in general, he was a pretty well-behaved sick baby.

Vincent 7 month Portraits

Grandma bought him bubbles at the store the other day. He loved watching them fall around him. Of course he wanted to grab at them but they quickly disappeared!

Trying Yummy Yams

He has been eating like a good boy. So far he has tried apples, bananas, avocado, yams, zucchini, pears, sweet potatoes and corn. That is in addition to his rice cereal and oatmeal cereal. He likes all of it! He hasn’t once (yet) spit anything out. In fact the most he has reacted to anything negatively was that first video of the applesauce. we think it’s because it was homemade and also had no cereal mixed in it. We now almost always mix cereal with his good which makes the flavor a little less potent. Grandma Jerrie was a big help in preparing the foods and freezing big batches for us to use later on.

My First Sippy Cup!

I bought him a sippy cup to start drinking water. He likes the cup… but he only chews on the little spout instead of drinking from it! Oh well, it is just to get him used to the idea. He will get there.

Vincent 7 month Portraits

And last but not least, his growth pic!

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