Vincent’s First Foods

First Try of Rice Cereal

We gave Vincent some rice cereal the evening before his 6-month birthday. He seemed to kinda dig it. He opened his mouth when the spoon came up to his face, and he smacked his lips once the food entered his mouth. We only tried maybe 4 spoonfuls as a test run.

My New High Chair

The next evening we got his high-chair in the mail! Daddy assembled it, and sent me this photo before i got home from work. I decided to try feeding him again, and this time we could both watch since we had the high-chair. I prepped some rice cereal with breastmilk. When i fed it to him, he didn’t really seem to like it too much,… he didn’t open his mouth like he did yesterday.

Eating Rice Cereal

We fed him the in living room. Im sure we wont be able to do it on carpet for very much longer!

Eating Rice Cereal

“What IS this stuff, Mommy?!?!”

Eating Rice Cereal

“I don’t know if i like it or not!!?!?!”

Eating Rice Cereal

“I think i’ll spit it out!” But still smile!

So after those two attempts, i figured i’d try to feed him something a little sweeter. Over the weekend I bought a bunch of Fuji apples that were on sale at Savemart (57 cents a pound!) Jeff helped me steam and puree them in the food processor.

Eating Applesauce

Daddy getting ready to feed me applesauce, maybe i’ll like it better!

Eating Applesauce

He was opening his mouth once again with excitement!

Eating Applesauce

The first few spoonfuls he seemed to really like.

But then, once we turned the video on, he seemed to be surprised at the taste. Watch and see for yourself!! It is just too funny!

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