Saying Goodbye, Visiting Great-Grandma Segawa, Heading Home

Super Smiley on my Tummy

Spend our last morning just hanging out with my sister Susan (who went in to work late just to say goodbye to us), my parents, and my Grandpa. Vincent liked hanging out in just his diaper since it was so humid while we were there.

Aunty and Uncle

Jill and Glenn came over to hang out for a bit too while the kiddos went to visit Pearl Harbor. Vinny got scared of Glenn after he tried to eat his hand off. Real sad crying! For the first time on our trip!

Aunty Jill and Aunty Susan

I love this picture of Vincent with his Aunties!

Say bye to Great Grandpa

My Grandpa was staying at our house for the last few nights because my Grandma was in the hospital. Here we are getting ready to leave the house.

Visiting Great-Grandma Segawa

Before heading over to the airport we stopped by Grandma Segawa’s care home in Waipahu to visit. She was just getting done with lunch. We sat around her wheelchair and showed her Vincent. Vinny was in a real happy smiley mood (which is not unusual!)

Visiting Great-Grandma Segawa

Grandma did make a couple comments about him (can’t remember specifically but i think she said he was big). She was quiet for the most part but did kept repeating that she wanted to go back to her room, and that here eyes were sore because it was too bright. Lol. My Dad said she always says that. Well besides that she looks good for being 101!

The plane ride back had us waiting inside the plane at the terminal for an extra 3 hours waiting for something to get fixed. Ughh. So after that fiasco, we still had a 4 hour flight and a shuttle ride and 1 hour car ride to get home. Such a long day, but Vincent was good overall. He just pooped a lot!! Again!! Thought we were gonna run outta diapers. Jeff and I rented the digi-player on the plane and watched Contagion. Well actually, we missed the ending because we started it too late. But it was a good movie and i read the ending on Wiki.

Vincent fell asleep at his “normal” bedtime while on the airplane, which i was worried if he would do or not. When we landed and de-boarded the plane he woke up, but was in a very happy mood anyway. Back to being bundled in jackets and blankets!

Waiting at the hotel/car pick up

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