Tehani’s Beach House

Diane, Tehani and Vinny at the beach house

My good friend Tehani has a family beach house on the south shore of Oahu in Ewa beach. She invited us (and the whole Aussie crew) to come over and hang out for the afternoon.


The beach house has a nice view of Waikiki and Diamond Head. Right outside her door is the sand and ocean, mostly reef but just a few yards down a swimming area and best of all a little breaker area for lil babes to go wading. That’s where we took little Vincent for his first dip in the ocean!

Momma and Vince Pose at the Beach

Had to buy the little swimmer diapers for him from Longs.


He looks really excited doesn’t he? I think he liked everyone (Mom, Dad, Tehani, Aunty Susan, Aunty Jill, etc) making such a fuss over him. We lathered him up with sunscreen and topped him off with a hat.

Jeff and Vince in the Ocean

So Jeff scooped him up and sat down with himĀ  in the ocean.

Jeff and Vince in the Ocean

Initially he didnt seem to like it.”Help Dad i’m drownin’ over hear!”


Then Jeff and I switched out, and I sat with him. He was just kind of was ok with it.


Tried to get him to “splash” around but he just didn’t seem to care that much. No smiles, but no crying either. Kind of indifferent.


We didn’t spend very much time in the water. Maybe 5 minutes. Then he pooped! So out we went.


We went back to the beach house to change him. Tehani found a cool shell that led to this cool photo op. LOL! We hung at the beach house for a while, ate some zippys/Napoleon bakery Napples and other desserts and snacks (check!).


Vincent had fun just laying around and chillin with everyone, including Uncle Glenn!

At the beach

It was great to have everyone there with us, including my silly sister Susan who thinks wearing long pants to the beach is acceptable (she lives in Hawaii, too).

You got friends!

How true is this lil saying?!? Thanks Tehani for a memorable day!


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