Daycare Routine


Vincent normally gets up at around 8:30am at the latest. Somedays he has waken up as early as 6:30 but that is pretty rare. I try to get everything ready the night before – like my lunch and his milk, pick out my clothes etc, so i can sleep to the very last minute.

Side note** Vince has been having to wear hats because he has cradle cap and will scratch it bloody if not.

Pumping Milk

I feed him before we go, then i drop him off at Miss Becky’s by 9am. I get to work by 9:30, then work until lunch break about 1230 and pump at my boss’ house which is a short drive away. I pick up Vince around 5pm, or sometimes Jeff picks him up.

Daycare Report

Everyday we get a report from her about when he ate and slept and how much he pooped, and any special notes. As soon as i get home, i pump some more. Each time i pumpĀ  get about 6 oz or more. We have been having to supplement sometimes with formula because i dont have enough milk. I have some frozen but none of it is good — i heard some mom’s breastmilk has too much lipase in it that makes it go bad? Anyway, its unfortunate that that is the case but at least he takes formula OK when we mix it with 1/2 breastmilk.

Logan and Vinny

Daycare is going really well. Here is a photo of Logan and Vinny hanging out at Miss Becky’s. I guess Logan is quite the handful compared to Vinny. Logan will cry at the drop of a dime, and takes forever to put down for a nap, etc. But Vinny is smiley all the time, never cries, goes down for his nap fine, and doesn’t mind strangers (at least at Becky’s, not from our experience!)

Santa Hat Smile

Here is one more photo with Vinny in his santa hat!

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I used imo e oil and a tooth brush on Daniels cradle cap.and although it was a little gross it was gone the next day. Wash his head the following morning.

christina s  |  Dec 28, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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