Grandma Jerrie Flys Home

Smile and Talking

Well after a long but nice stay my mom is heading back home to the islands! Jeff woke up early to drive her to the San Jose airport.

I watched Vincent and boy was he happy! Smiling away and making all kinds of babbles.

Jeff had to hurry home so I could team teach RIPPED class Monterey. I barely made it in time! Last week Saturday i taught my first Turbo kick class since having Vincent. It felt so good to be back!

Anyway, we sure are going to miss grandma jerrie cooking us dinner and watching Vincent all the time. And also giving our indoor and outdoor plants some love. But she will be back in February when my sitter has a week long vacation. And grandma will get to see Vincent when we go to Hawaii in January for my sister Jill’s wedding.

On a Walk!


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