Holding His Head Up High and Rolling Over!

Boppy Time

Vincent has recently been getting really good at holding his head up, especially on the boppy pillow. I caught this cute moment on camera — Vinny lookin’ up to his big brother!

Lookin up to butters

He can also do it pretty good on the floor now, but we tend to hear more “complaining” from him because it is such hard work! My mom jokes it’s because he has such a big head.

He Rolled Over!

On Tuesday, Vincent finally rolled over all by himself! The photo seen above was what I snapped right after i found him face down on the floor! He only flipped over cuz he was getting mad that no one was paying attention to him, and the flipping over made him even more upset! Haha!

Watcha Lookin At?

About a week or so prior to this i caught him tilting his head up real high while he was in his pack n play. After that, we could see him “practicing” further by arching his back and stiffening his feet — we call it his “strongman” or “he-man” pose! Its quite funny to watch.

Mommy + Daddy = Me

He rolled over again on Thursday while i was posting this picture to Facebook. The onesie he is wearing is one that Jeff’s Nana gave us and was Vincent’s first piece of clothing.

2nd time to flip over

This is a few seconds after the first picture was taken.

Lookin Up

Finally fits his Giants onesie – a little late on the season.

NY Beanie

And same goes for the New York Yankees hat we bought him to wear home from the hospital.

Outfit from Taylor

This outfit Taylor gave me with a Mommy PJ set. So cute! This one is a little tight on him now…

Momma and Baby

Just mommy and Vinny hanging out in the sunroom on a weekend.

16 week growth picture

His 16 week growth picture next to the shave ice. We recently received the handmade blanket from Kim, Taylor’s Aunt.

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