The Many Costumes of Vincent’s First Halloween

I vant your candy!

At first we weren’t even sure if we were going to get Vincent a costume for Halloween since it’s not like he will go out and trick or treat… then all of a sudden we had a bunch of outfits from him to dress in! First up, a Halloween themed outfit from Patti/Evan that says “I VANT YOUR CANDY!” hehe – looks like a a candy corn in the picture with the yellow socks.

Skeleton Boys

Then one night for bedtime we put him in a skeleton outfit that i bought from Old Navy. It glows in the dark! Jeff sported his favorite work gloves that match the theme. 

Another costume from Patti/Evan is this cute dinosaur outfit complete with hat and claw booties. 

And finally, his batman costume / pajamas! This is the one he wore all day on Halloween until he peed on himself during a diaper change and had to change into his skeleton costume for night time photos. 

We carved our pumpkins all last minute! I did the bat to match the batman outfit that Vincent WAS wearing, and Jeff did an “simple-but-not-so-simple” skeleton.

Halloween Pumpkin Butters

We can’t forget about Butters! He dressed up in a pumpkin t-shirt i saw at Target that was for “small dogs” though it was a bit tight. Maybe next time the “medium dog” size will work better! He actually didn’t mind the shirt as much as i thought he would! What a trooper.

Halloween 2011

Finally, our halloween candy stash — i got a 150 piece bag from Costco – of which we ate 1/2 before halloween came. So we had to supplement with some gummy bears, candy apple lollipops, kit kats, and butterfingers. WOW that is a lot of candy! We had a bit leftover but that we didn’t mind, 🙂


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