2 Month Check-Up

Vincent Gets His First Shots

Vincent had his 2-month check up yesterday at the pediatrician. He is now 11 pounds, 14 ounces (50th percentile), 23.5 inches long (75th percentile), and 39.4 cm head circumference (50th percentile). So he is growing right on track with everything, and his head is catching up to the rest of his body!

He had to get his first set of vaccines today which was 3 shots and 1 oral medication. He took all four very well. The oral medicine he ate fine, just had a little funny look on his face. He cried a bit of course when the shots went in but was recovered a few seconds after it was done. They gave him a bone bandaid, a truck bandaid, and a pink butterfly?

When we got home from the doctor he was happy, smiling…. then he fell asleep for a few hours and only woke up to eat and was a little fussy, making his pouty face and whimpering.


When Jeff got home he took care of Vince while i went grocery shopping for dinner and he said the baby cried almost the whole time i was gone. I think he had a fever so we gave him some infant tylenol and that seemed to help because by the time we had made dinner and were eating, he was smiling and laughing again.

The night went ok, he was a little gassy and so i was up pretty often. 11:45p, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am…. then got up at 8am and took a 3 hour nap (but didnt let me put him down so i couldn’t rest! i was so tired….). Gave him one more round of medicine and when he woke up from he nap seemed to be back to normal, smiling and giggling.

Vincent Smile

He gets his next shots at 4 months, and i think Daddy will take him that time because i’ll most likely be back to work and he is closer to the pediatricians office.

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