Vincent is 8 weeks old!

Vincent turned 8 weeks old today, but he doesn’t turn 2 months till next week on the 26th. Been settling into a good routine with him. We “eat, play, sleep” during the daytime and at night he usually sleeps about 12 hours (though he still gets up every 2-3 hours to eat). He LOVES to hang out in the sunroom on his activity mat and smile and laugh.

Vincent 7 Weeks Old

He has the cutest grin!

8 Weeks Growth Picture

Here is his growth photo next to the shave ice and Mr. Butters!

First walk with mom

Trying to get out a little more with him by going on walks around the neighborhood. He has the funniest look on his face when we go out. I think it’s a little bright for him so he turns his eyebrows a certain way that make me laugh when i look at him.

Vincent 8 weeks

Doesn’t he have the longest eyelashes? Just like his daddy!

Stayed asleep in this position

When i put him down for a nap this is the position he stayed in! I think he likes to be curled up like someone is holding him instead of flat on his back.

Paci makes its mark

He is liking his pacifier a lot more now. This one had left a mark on his face though! Haha!


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