Jeff’s 32nd Birthday

Xbox 360 with Kinect

Jeff celebrated his 32nd birthday by buying an XBOX 360 + Kinect! His PlayStation 3 conked out on him so i guess it was “perfect timing”. So far we have Halo, Red Dead Redemption, Sims3 and the Kinect Adventures games.

Jeff's 32 Birthday

I surprised Jeff with some homemade cupcakes – peanut butter with chocolate frosting. He was amazed i was able to make them while taking care of Vince and cleaning up all the evidence in the kitchen! I also got him a few gifts, one was a photo frame with Vince’s picture in it that he could put on his desk at work.

New hats

The other gift I bought him was a couple of new hats because he wears hats everyday and some were getting a bit funky, if you know what i mean.

Birthday Card

Vincent, Butters and I made him a card with our hand prints. We use special ink that only appears on special paper. It turned out a lot nicer than this photo, its just that the it started to fade it a bit since i took forever to capture the photo and write this blog post!

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