Update on the Nursery

Comforter Wall Hanging

Finally! The comforter wall hanging is up in the nursery! (Thanks Jeff!)Looks good on the wall. I just noticed the sheep on the lower left looking up at everyone – so cute!

Giraffe Light Switch

I bought this giraffe light cover switch online last week. I love the little blue birdie hanging out on the tail. Cute little touches really make the room alive. Still working on adding more…

Moved the Bumpers up to the Closet

We took off the closet doors, as i mentioned earlier, during the asbestos removal. Previously i had a bunch of my clothes, luggage, and sleeping bags stored in here. Well last week i actually managed to get everything out of here and placed in either my closet, under our bed, the new drawers, or the garage! I was amazed.So we want to keep it open like this, without closet doors, to maximize the space in the room, since i dont think we’ll need to be hanging clothes in this room for a while.

I moved the bumpers that were hanging in the crib to the closet area above. Apparently the new protocol is to not use the bumpers in the crib, as the baby can get their face stuck on it and stop breathing (SIDS). But still, all the bedding sets come with them, so what to do? Some people use them as valances, but since i already have those (got my second set last week to fill in the gaps!), i thought, i’d just place them up there. It fits perfectly.

Doodle Doo Mobile

Here is the mobile i set up all by myself! I actually put it on the wrong way at first. But its good now. The directions say that you should stop using it once the baby can crawl up on its hands and feet, at about 5 months.

Carter's Glider - In Store Models

Today we went back to Babies R Us to look at gliders. I didnt really think i wanted/needed one but while we were there looking at cribs we sat on some and they were so nice! I can imagine how easy it would be to have this to rock the baby to sleep and to nurse on it. This one seemed like a good fit for me. It wasn’t too big nor too small, it comes with an ottoman, and a nursing foot stand. The chair reclines as well and has a locking mechanism. I like the green and white but Jeff didn’t really like it and i think it might be TOO much green for our already green nursery. So we decided to go for a white wood with a dark brown chocolate twill fabric. You can see it here. We wanted to order it today but i had thrown out my 20% coupon just yesterday! Dang i could kick myself. So we had to buy a product to get a coupon for the next promotion period, which starts in mid June. I guess it will all workout — we dont have a big enough car at the moment to haul it back to our house and we’ll probably get a new car for Jeff within that time frame. Plus we’ve been spending a lot of money recently so it will be good to give our pockets a rest before spending the cash on this — its a lot more $$ than the crib!

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