A Weekend in Hawaii

Arrived at HNL

We arrived on Friday night to Hawaii. My parents and my sister Jill picked us up and we headed straight home. Didn’t do much that night besides hang out and sleep early (least Jeff did, i think i stayed up).

Scrapbook Planning

My mom had a “project” for Jill and I – to make a scrapbook for my Grandma’s 100th birthday using all her old photos. Scrapbooking is something i have done before but maybe only once or twice – not the avid scrapbooker at all but i was happy to do it, i like these kind of projects!

Making scrapbook

Best of all i got to work with my “creative” sister. We collabrated very well! We picked out all the photos, organized them by decade, and then decided how the page was going to be laid out. We got all our supplies from Wal-mart. We worked ALL DAY on this sucker! I was hoping to go to the beach at least once while we where here. Poor Jeff was bored out of his mind, just watching some baseball since it was the playoffs.

Singing with Quincy

Once the scrapbook was done, i did get to hangout with Quincy and his friend Trey. We of course went karaoke! Jeff actually ended up singing some even though he said he wouldn’t… here they are singing Bohemian Rhapsody (mamma mia, mamma mia!!!) It was really fun! I miss my “brother” Quincy. I am glad i get to visit him when i come home, i dont really have too many friends back there anymore.

After karaoke i was hungry so we stopped by Zippys and i got take out fried noodles. I miss Zippys so much, even thought their food isnt like fantastical, its still LOCAL…

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