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We have a raspberry plant in the far corner of our lot. I think its coming over from the neighbors, because its completely random. But it produces from pretty good raspberries. We forget to check in on them often enough. Today there was quite a bit of nice ripe ones that were edible, but also quite a bit over-ripe. Its fun to grow our own fruit. We need to get more fruit and vegetable bearing plants.


In other garden news, we had a guy come and chop down our nice (and half dead) birch tree this week. We are so sad, even though it had no leaves, it was still pretty! Our neighbors complained about it and so we had to get rid of it.They thought the tree might kill their children (sooo over dramatic).


We also pulled out another stump on the side of the yard today and found a giant salamander living under it. Can you spot him in the photo above? I can barely see him, and i know where he is! We felt bad that we destroyed his home! Poor lil’ guy.


This is me, hanging out in my garden gear (it’s hot today!) and posing on the stump of the old birch tree. (I am pretending to be a sad dead tree, can you tell?)

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that’s some pretty sexy “garden gear”…

Victoria Salas Salcedo  |  Jul 18, 2010 at 8:35 pm

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