Theresa’s Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Theresa

Theresa’s birthday was colorful fun! We went to Ninja Sushi (surprise?) and a client actually treated the whole staff because Kathy donates her time to design the Habitat for Humanity newsletter. Theresa was showered with lovely girly, shoe-themed gifts from everyone. Look at her sporting her super ruffly apron and of course the Schipper birthday crown. And aren’t those the cutest streamers ever? Butterflies!

Margarita GlassTheresa's Gifts

I got her the pink dress frame where you can stow your earrings and necklaces. Apparently Theresa has a “dressing room” all to herself – so i’m sure she has plenty of room to store her new girly things.

Butterfly StrawsSharing Cupcakes

Kathy brought her own straws and napkins to the restaurant – my how elaborate! Theresa shares some birthday cakes with Kathy under our new doorway.

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