Lara’s Birthday

Lara is the Birthday Girl

Lara – the new part-time graphic/web designer at Schipper Design+ is celebrating her birthday on Saturday. She started working for us back in January when we had some overflow work we needed help with. She actually lives in the upstairs apartments with her husband so it is very convenient for her. Lara is originally from Russia. As you can see she got to wear the traditional Schipper birthday girl crown.

For her birthday celebration we decided to surprise her with a Greek Lunch Potluck! I brought Falafel, Tzatziki and pita pockets (thanks to Costco!), Theresa made Tabouli, Angie made some skewers, Rita brought a Greek Salad, Corby brought olives, and Kathy brought Spanokopita. Lara brought down some tiramisu cake which was so delicious (not Greek but the party was a surprise so she didn’t know).

Our Greek FoodOlives and Tomatoes
Potluck for Lara
Cupcake - Old!

I baked some lovely yellow cupcakes with chocolate swirl frosting but we were all too full to eat them today and decided to save them for later (i didn’t take the photo till a few days later….so that is why it looks a little “melted”).

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