Breakfast Burrito – Hawaiian Style?

Breakfast Burrito

So Hawaiian Airlines claims they are one of the few remaining airlines that still offers complimentary in-flight meals. They also have “upgraded” meals for additional $10. The meal on our flight to Hawaii this morning was Breakfast Burrito which apparently consists of mashed potatoes, a sprinkling of eggs and corn, and lots of olives (Jeff’s favorite!). Sounds tasty? It was nasty actually, plus no ketchup!?!?! I ate the whole thing though cuz i was starving. For dessert, a chocolate muffin which totally made up for the crappy meal. And at least i got to drink some Pass-O-Guava juice while watching commercials on Hawaiian tourist attractions. The flight took about 6+ hours because we went around a storm. I watched the movie “Post-Grad” with the chick from Gilmore Girls. It was … what you would expect from a teen movie such as that. Overall a pretty good flight experience. I believe Jeff slept through the entire ride (except the chocolate muffin part).

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