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An Event Apart Conference

At a 2-day conference in San Francisco called “An Event Apart – For People who make web sites”. It is named after a popular web site called “A List Apart” which discusses web coding. Kathy/the company paid for the conference which is a single track format meaning you don’t have to pick which speakers to attend, you get to listen to all of them. Today the conference was focused more on designers. I consider myself a designer first, but can do both design and coding. I would say there is a majority of guys here — probably about a 75% : 25% ratio men to women. A lot of out-of-towners too, even though this conference is held all over the nation. I stayed at the Westin hotel about a block away because it was a lot cheaper than the Palace hotel which is where the conference was held at. This photo was taken by a photographer at the conference and posted on the official An Event Apart San Francisco Flickr pool. I did happen to take notice that my picture was being taken so i tried to “act natural” and pretend i was listening. No actually…..i really WAS listening. =) Very good conference so far!

An Event Apart Design Conference I won a book at the Conference

The logo for the event. When i came back from lunch I had a prize on my seat – a book on web design. Sweet!! Also sweet was the cake, mmm. Not so sweet – my 2002 iBook. Slow as a a mofo.

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