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I'm Ready

Jeff wanted to hard-wire an ethernet cord to his computer by our new desk because wireless was just not fast enough for his EQ2 game. This required:
1. Drilling a hole from up top through the carpet.
2. Purchasing then dressing in a hazmat suit.
3. Crawling like an army man under the house with a flash light and various other supplies in tow.
4. Drilling a hole from down below (this should have required goggles — later noted)
5. Being scared by a raccoon under the house.
6. Discovering that raccoon was actually our cat covered in cobwebs
7. Sweating profusely from the hazmat suit and aching all over from unused muscles being worked.
8. Connecting to the internet via cord not airwaves!

Butters Covered in WebsTrying to get back in...

Butters covered in cobwebs. He must have hopped down the hole while we were not looking. After he came back up, we had to close the door to the bedroom but he wanted back in!

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