This is NOT Soup.

I scrambled to prepare some dinner this morning before i left for work. I had all the ingredients to make a basic pot of chicken noodle soup, so i threw some frozen chicken, stock, onions, carrots and celery together in the slow cooker and left a box of macaroni noodles on the counter for Jeff to throw in when he got home from work. I emailed him in the afternoon to remind him and didn’t think twice.

When i come home from the gym, Jeff is in the kitchen, and i ask how the soup looks. He lifts the pot cover and…. BAM! The slow cooker is full of NOODLES! No SOUP! LOL, i was laughing so hard! I asked him how much noodles he put in and he said the box. The whole box? Yes, the whole box. Hmm, did he ever think that a whole box of noodles might be a little overkill if we are making SOUP? Just looking at the liquid to noodle ratio i would think one could ration that it was definitely not accommodating for a whole box of noodles… oi vay. Jeff apologized, and we ate the dinner anyway, though it was not what i intended it to be this morning. We both laughed about it all night. Next time i will specify exactly how MUCH noodles to put in a soup.

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