A Day in PA

Cliff, Conchita and the Dogs

Today we originally planned to go to a Hawk Sanctuary about 45 minutes away from Julie’s house, but Jeff felt like sleeping in instead, so i did a turbokick workout (Meadow was my audience) and took my time getting ready while Jeff slept-in/lounged around. In the afternoon we ate our leftover Capriotti sandwiches, then headed off to find this pretzel factory.

Uncle Henry's Pretzel BakeryUncle Henrys Pretzel Factory

You know Pennsylvania is known for pretzels, so we went to Uncle Henry’s since Julie buys her pretzels from this place. It is run by Mennonites. The factory is in what looks like an old converted farmhouse. You walk in, and see ladies packin’ pretzels from the big baking machine, and it was hot in there! We bought some pretzels for us, and for Roger/Carrie, and Taylor/Nate who were helping us watch the cat, and park our car.

After our pretzel adventure, we decided to go to meet up with Cliff and Conchita. We hung out with Cliff in his backyard for a bit, then took a walk in the neighborhood park, which had a lovely stream running though it and different kinds of plants/trees. Then we headed off to see Sara play in her tennis match.

Earlier in the day I snapped some photos of Julie’s lovely garden. I love taking photos of nature! I even got a great shot of a Monarch butterfly.

Flowers from the GardenPink Flower Bloom


The yellow toad was hanging out next to the house after we ate dinner at Julie’s.

TC or Fuzzy?Meadow and Diane

Here is one of Julie’s two cats – I think this is Fuzzy. Other cat is also orange and his name is TC. Meadow loved me, and i loved to lay on her like a pillow.

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