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While we were moving our couch, somehow the coils got messed up so we decided to go furniture shopping. It being Labor Day, we figured there might be some good sales out there. We went to Furniture Expo down the road off South Main Street and tried out a few couches… some had potential, but the couch in this photo was the winning one! It had style, it had comfort, it has a CHAISE! I know, so 2000s you may say… but oh well, that is how it goes. The reason we like this though is that we can always get rid of the chaise since we bought a regular cushion top. We’ll get this delivered to our house in about month.

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love the couch you picked out…we need new couches. ours are getting beat up and look like a college guy picked them out really. lol

christina  |  Sep 17, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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