Jeff Quits Smoking

Quit Smoking

Jeff is quitting smoking today after starting more than 15 years ago. He’s tried numerous times — the patch, anti-depression drugs — but i think it is for realz this time. We’re marking a couple of important milestones within the next month, and he would like to do this for himself. 1) He is turning 30, 2) We are buying our first home, 3) We are taking a 9-day trip to NYC to visit family and the city, 4) We might be trying to have kids within the next few years.

Many good reasons, and of course the biggest one would be health! Ladedah, i could go on and on on my soap box but I won’t. Most important, is that i know he is committed as am I to help him through this. Everyone please support Jeff in his journey to quit smoking!

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