Elli’s is Great

Taco Salad from Elli's

The closest sit-down restaurant to our house is a place called Elli’s. They serve American food, almost like a diner, but it’s a little more fancy than that. It is definitely our go-to restaurant especially since Baker’s Square closed down earlier in the year. Our regular orders consist of me getting the American or French Dip, and Jeff getting a burger and fries with a side salad. Today, i decided to get a Taco Salad (with house-made sour cream!). It was yummy but i do not like how the salad became warm because of the hot chicken and beans – not too pleasurable. Jeff got a Philly Cheesesteak Inferno, which is another one of his regular picks if he doesn’t get a burger. Didn’t look too appealing but must have been good since he ate it all. I was mentioned to Jeff that Elli’s is like a mainland version of Zippy’s because they’ve got everything on their menu. Italian, Mexican, American.. a really really big selection. Nothing is ever too fantastic but definitively has a lot of bases covered when it comes to cuisine.

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