Water Heater on the Fritz

Water Heater on the Fritz

Our water heater started leaking but since it was over the weekend, we had to wait until today to get it fixed. First it started a little drip, then it was a big puddle, and then the water started flowing by the bucket full! Jeff was trying to insert pans under it to catch the water so the wood beneath it wouldn’t get too soaked. I told him to create a make-shift river bed using foil. Look how perfect that worked. I’m so smart.

Ironically, the upstairs bathroom sprung a leak this morning too, so a plumber came by and got everything fixed – including the kitchen sink drain that had a leak in it ever since we moved in 2 years ago!

Soon enough we will have to deal with these home problems all on our own! No calling the landlord and saying “hey there is this problem…”

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